The Pen In Winter (January 2009)

Some readers of this blog have been asking: Are we able to use the Cat Recreation Area ("pen" for short), even in winter?

Well of course!

For technical reasons that we cats refuse to acknowledge, Pat and Henry say that in winter, we can't have the windows open 24 hours a day. This silly rule just makes life harder for them, because they have to open the windows for us whenever we want to go out or come back in again.

In these pictures, Natasha and Summer enter the pen from the laundry room on the first floor:

Meanwhile, Tootsie and Hershey demand access from the basement window:

Every cat has a great time out there:

Although Schooner enjoys the pen, he thinks it's even better to be outside and on top:

Hershey decides it's time to come back inside: "Hey, is anybody there??"

"I SAID, Let us in NOW!"

"What do you think the problem could be, Cocoa?"

Cocoa is the last one in:

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