Cocoa and Taffy explore the grove (September 2006)

Summer on Guard! (September 2006)

Summer, Taffy and Cocoa enjoy being together. When they are allowed into the back yard, Summer carefully guards and protects his exuberant girls. If either Cocoa or Taffy goes too far away, he chases her back to the deck.

Here, Summer keeps a close eye on Taffy:

Summer Cat (2006)

Summer also came to us from the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. This close-up picture was taken by photographer Sue Shipley, when Summer was featured as "Pet of the Week."

Summer is named, not after the season, but after the street where he was found as a stray.

Summer is as affectionate as he is beautiful.

New Furniture! (September 2006)

To celebrate their adoption, we bought a new piece of furniture for Taffy and Cocoa.

They love their furniture, and they love each other!

UPDATE: See the new picture of Cocoa, Taffy, and their furniture, June 2007

Cocoa and siblings (August 2006)

When it came time to return Mitzi and her five kittens to the Humane Society for permanent adoption, we realized how much we had come to love them. We couldn't keep all of them, but we decided to adopt Taffy and Cocoa. Cocoa is front and center in this photograph. Taffy is in the upper left.

Cocoa with Smartie: