Baby Skunk pays a visit and is trapped!

Breaking News - July 19, 2007, 9:40 a.m.:
This morning, because it was raining, Summer Cat and the Four Golden Jets stayed inside to play in the basement. That's when Baby Skunk decided to come looking for them:

"I know you guys are in there" - says Baby Skunk:

Oh no: Baby Skunk is unable to climb the corrugated metal of the window well. How will he escape?

Hershey is so concerned that he goes outdoors in the rain to give Baby Skunk some advice: "Climb the plank, not the window well!":

But Baby Skunk seems unwilling to attempt the plank.

"Can we get some help over here, PLEASE?" - Hershey:

Update -
July 19, 2007, 12:30 p.m.: crisis resolved:
The crisis has been resolved by the intervention of a resident human, who, while wearing oven mitts, carefully lifted Baby Skunk out of the window well and placed him gently on the ground. Our trusting Baby Skunk made no smell whatsoever as he happily trotted underneath the deck. Hershey and the other feline residents are so relieved!


Note: Some readers of this blog have asked whether it is safe to allow cats and wild skunks to socialize together. In fact, cats and skunks get along quite well: According to one website, "it's not uncommon to find skunks and domestic cats dining peacefully together. There have been cases of skunks entering homes through pet doors, dining with the family cat and finding a quiet closet or empty bed to spend the night. As long as the skunk does not feel threatened, it won't spray." (

But, skunks should NOT be allowed to eat cat food: Skunks can die as a result of eating cat food, which contains more protein than a skunk can metabolize.


A Day in the Life (July 2007)

(hosted by Ms. Cocoa Puff:)

Every morning Summer and the Jets are out by 7 a.m. Their first task of the day is to reconnoitre with the skunk who lives in the grove. In this picture, looking counter-clockwise from Skunk, you can see Hershey; Summer, who blends into the shadows; Cocoa, with tail held high; and Tootsie:

Cocoa, Tootsie and Taffy move forward:

Tootsie gets up close and personal:

In early afternoon, it's time for a nap. The Jets often settle down with Farah on their collection of furniture. Hershey insists on being highest. Tootsie likes to stretch out on the top of the condo, even though it's too small for her:


Taffy still loves her chair. Compare this photo to the one taken in September 2006

Of course, there are plenty of other good spots for napping - just ask Cocoa:

or Taffy:

or Tootsie:

And - "Did I mention this is MY flowerbox?" - Summer Cat:

In late afternoon, everyone goes out for more fun and games (see "Question of the Day: What are your favorite things to do outdoors on a hot summer afternoon?")

But by 6 pm, everyone is back inside for the night. After eating, they hurry down to the basement to play indoor games like "tag, you're it" and "ambush." Because there is a separate staircase from the basement to the garage, anybody who gets tired of playing games, can run upstairs, climb through the open car windows, and cuddle up on the car upholstery.

Summer in the driver's seat: