Treats on the Deck (December 2006)

Isn't it time for treats?

Cocoa and Summer wait their turn politely.

Treats are SO good!

"We are family. I got all my sisters with me." -- Hershey

Hershey helps Tootsie to more treats.

In the Plum Tree (November 2006)

For a better view of Cocoa the Gargoyle in the upper left corner, click to enlarge.

Taffy surveys the yard.

Hang on, Tootsie!

Taffy shows Tootsie the way down.

It's getting late, but Hershey poses for one last photo.

Summer loves Hershey (November 2006)

Summer Cat loves Hershey, just as he loves all the kittens.

Farah goes outdoors (October 2006)

Because Farah doesn't like the other resident cats, she can only enjoy the yard early in the morning, while they are still inside.

UPDATE: It took a few months, but eventually, Farah learned to tolerate the Four Golden Jets, and then to love them. Sadly, as of June 2007, she and Summer are still foes who must always be kept apart.

Siblings together for the last time (October 2006)

On October 24, 2006, the five siblings gathered for a final group photo on the deck. Taffy is in front. Tootsie is on the right, looking toward the camera. Hershey is searching the deck for a treat. Cocoa is in the back, looking away from the camera. Smartie is on the left.

In this picture, Hershey looks on. On the right, Smartie is barely visible behind Tootsie; on the left, Cocoa is just in front of Taffy:

Soon after these photos were taken, Smartie left us: He has been adopted by a family who will give him a loving home. Although we are happy for him, we will miss this darling guy.

Mitzi, mother of the siblings, has also been adopted -- by friends of ours! We are so happy that now, we can continue to know her.

We have adopted Tootsie! She loves her two sisters Taffy and Cocoa -- and Summer loves all three girls. Here is Tootsie with Summer:

Cocoa, Tootsie, and Taffy:

And . . . We have adopted Hershey! He had been spending the days with Smartie on the adoption floor at the Charlottetown Humane Society. Every evening and Sunday the two of them came back "home" to their siblings. But soon after Smartie was adopted, the adoption room was closed down for an entire week, and Hershey was so happy to be able to stay with us all each and every day . . . and then after the adoption floor re-opened . . . well, we just couldn't bear to take him back to sit there alone. And did I mention -- we love this sweet little tiger?

Hershey with Cocoa and Taffy:

TAFFY climbs the pole to get a better look:

TAFFY says goodbye: