Three Kittens (July 2006)

Three of the five kittens we fostered for the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. We also fostered their mother, Mitzi (a.k.a. Serena). We named the male kittens Hershey and Smartie. The three females in this photograph we named Tootsie, Taffy and Cocoa.

Mama Mitzi (July 2006)

A lovely little girl, and an excellent mother to her five boisterous kittens. In order to convey her personality to prospective adopters, we gave her the official name of "Serena." But to us, she will always be Mitzi.

Zed, in his grove, with memorial statue


Zaidman came to us from the Biglerville, PA Humane Society in 1988. He moved with us from Gettysburg, PA to Calgary, Alberta, and then back and forth repeatedly between Calgary, AB and Charlottetown, PEI. He was with us for over 17 years. Dear Zeddie, we miss you.

Zed at his window

Zed flirting

Shy, a beautiful Manxie Girl

When it became obvious that Zeddie needed company, we adopted Shy. She was already two and a half years old when she came to us from the Calgary, Alberta Humane Society. She was with us for ten wonderful years, and we miss her: "Grief is the price one pays for love."


Shy in her Condo