Now we are (temporarily) Nine! (January, 2009)

Just in time for the New Year, Natasha and Boris came to stay with us! Mother and son, they were left at the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. Boris was too tiny to be there, so he and his Mum will be living with us for a few weeks now. We have lots of fun playing with them!

Boris loves toys!

Natasha is SO svelte and elegant, we all think she is quite the femme fatale:

She must think so too, because she enjoys looking at herself in the mirror:

We will be posting more pictures soon . . . .

Important Note: If you live in the Charlottetown area, please consider adopting this dynamic duo!


pet urine removal said...

It's amazing how to two are so different. Boris is such a goof ball and Natasha is definitely a femme fatal.

pet urine removal said...

In the Borris loves toys picture I couldn't decide if the cat was the toy or the mouse? Very cute cat.