A Change of Plans - or - Now We Are Nine, Permanently (February 2009)

We, Boris and Natasha, have decided that we like it here. A few reasons:

THE PEN. Boris is still too small to go out there, but Natasha loves the pen:

While Natasha is in the pen, Boris can relax on the electric blanket in the family room, which is always left on for the cats:

EVERY cat loves to play stick-bag-on-the-landing. If only we could persuade Pat to play this game with us, 12 hours a day instead of the present limit of 4 hours a day:

(Note from Pat: As these pictures show, Boris is now almost as big as his mother! Soon we won't be able to tell them apart!)

The food is good. (And Pat says it is healthy, too.)

Pat says I wouldn't like oranges or apples. But shouldn't I be the judge of that?

We like the way Pat and Henry have furnished the house:

Summer Cat is the best friend a guy kitten could ever find:

Now that Boris has grown so much bigger, he fits perfectly into the upstairs perching tower:

If we stay here, we will always be together:

We have other reasons for liking it here. But the bottom line is, WE ARE STAYING!

Thank you -- Natasha and Boris

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Sheri said...

Aww! They look so happy. I love the picture of Boris and Summer. Glad to hear your kitty family has grown. REALLY makes me want another kitty now that we don't anymore.