Jenny, Who Needs a New Home!

After Ally came and went last fall, Pat promised that We Nine would have veto power over any new residents.  SO we were more than a bit annoyed when Jenny arrived, in March 2010:

Pat explained to us that Jenny has had SUCH a hard life: Although she loves people, in February 2009, Jenny was dropped off in a field, and left there all alone, cold and hungry, to fend for herself. Not long after, she gave birth to five kittens.

So far, the story sounded a bit familiar to us, at least to Hershey and his sisters, who were also dumped, with their mother, in somebody's field. That was a long, long time ago, and we do our best not to remember how frightened we were. Still, we couldn't help but wonder: what happened to Jenny's kittens?

Oh, said Pat, they weren't as lucky as you guys, who were found right away and brought to the Humane Society. Jenny's kittens were all eaten by coyotes. And that's not the end of the sad story: Jenny had another litter, and those kittens also were eaten!

Well, we all got scared just listening to Pat tell us about Jenny's poor little kittens, eaten by big hungry coyotes. Still, we couldn't help but wonder - how did Jenny end up in OUR house?

Oh, said Pat, Jenny was rescued by the Cat Action Team of Prince Edward Island, whose volunteers help feral cats by feeding them, building shelters for them, and providing medical care. But the volunteer who was taking care of Jenny realized she is not a feral cat: she is a tame, loving little girl, who deserves a good home just like all of you guys.

Right, we all said.  So let's find her a home -- a home of her own, that is, not OUR home!

to be continued . . ..

Spring - On the Ground, and in the Air! (May, 2010)

Although we had a mild winter, spring never comes too early on the Island.  But recently the cats have noticed a great deal more greenery in the yard:

Very strange: Pat brought home this oval-shaped plastic thingy, which has its own matching lid. She seemed to assume we would know exactly what to do with it:

Inside the thingy, there is white sand:

Pat puts the lid on top every night to keep the sand dry.  She told us we should "use" the sand instead of going to the next door neighbors' flowerbeds. What in the world does she mean?

The white sand does feel good against our toes! And we are certain we can find some use for the lid . . .

Boris and Natasha think their black fur looks particularly beautiful next to this shade of red:

Bored with trying to figure out the purpose of the new red thingy, Tootsie takes to the treetops:

Natasha gets SO tired of hearing that Hershey and Tootsie are the VERY best tree climbers of them all! so she decides to do some showing off of her own:

oh-oh . . . getting down is not as easy as it looks!

Boris, Schooner, and Farah resolve to stay on solid ground: