The Great Escape (April 2009)

Although the autumns are beautiful on Prince Edward Island, spring never comes too early. Finally, we had ONE DAY of warm summer weather. Pat knew it wouldn't last, so she decided to let Summer and the Four Golden Jets out of the pen for an hour, under her careful supervision, of course.

How did we spend our brief period of freedom?

SUMMER had a sensual experience in the grass:

TAFFY also stayed close to home, perhaps because she loves Summer Cat so much, that she always wants to be near him:

TOOTSIE, in contrast, ran away, so Pat got only one picture of her (but the good news is, she came home in time to go back inside with all the rest of us):

COCOA and HERSHEY indulged their fascination with bushes and trees:

OK, now that we've warmed up on that bush, let's move on to the heavy-duty stuff:

Cocoa demonstrates that she can still climb higher even than Hershey:

Hershey pretends not to notice. He's much too busy making sure that all is in order under the deck and in the rest of the yard:

We were pleased to meet up again with Buddy, the dog who lives next door. Pat says that Buddy is a Chihuahua, and that Chihuahuas are the smallest breed of dog. Well, Buddy is certainly smaller than any of us cats - so much smaller, in fact, that the first time she met us, she was terrified, especially of Summer!

The human in the background is Al, who lives with Buddy:

Al raked up all of the leaves in their yard and put the leaves in bags that say "The Home Depot." WHY? We had better check this out:

Well, these leaf-bags do make comfortable roosts. Is that what Al intended?

We all had so much fun! But SOME of us worked hard too. Time for Cocoa to relax:

If you would like to see the street we live on (looking north), CLICK to enlarge:

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Sheri said...

What a perfect way to spend the day. Pat should let you guys do this more often. :)