January 2010

We have been so busy this winter that the New Year came and went, even before we had a chance to sit down at the computer and report on all our activities!

It snowed so much that our pen was covered with a canopy of snow:

Cocoa was amazed:

But Nasha-Tasha couldn't wait to get out there:

Pat gets tired of opening and closing the windows to the pen, so she installed a new door for us. As you can tell, we are pretty clever cats! But even so, we found the learning curve to be a bit steep:

Natasha wonders, "How does this contraption work?"

Boris figures it out:

We are glad Pat took the screen out of the window in the upstairs study, so that we can climb out there to play on the roof of the porch.

In these pictures, Hershey arrives, and Boris goes out the study window:

We also have been spending a lot of time perched indoors on our towers.




Taffy, on the scratching post:

And of course, we play hours a day with all our toys, new toys and old, low-tech and high-tech:

We got two NEW toys that are battery-operated! In these pictures, Boris and Summer are playing with "undercover mouse":

And here is the best battery-operated toy in the world: Fling-ama String!

The Fling-ama String was a gift from our buddy Rufus, who lives with Sheila and Barry. Here are two pictures of The Mighty Rufer (such a handsome guy!):

Hershey doesn't always do a good job of sharing favorite toys, so Pat had to get a second Fling-ama:

Other recent pictures of us:


Summer and Schooner:




(clockwise, from Hershey's back paws) - Hershey, Tootsie, Taffy, Schooner:

Hershey, wondering why his bowl is empty:


Taffy and Cocoa:

Schooner and Summer:


Pat and Farah:

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