Hello My Name is ALLY! (August 2009)

I'm nearly a year old and Pat met me while I was staying at the Prince Edward Island Humane Society. I badly need to find my "forever" home. Here's hoping this is it!

So far, so good -- I'm enjoying the Pen:

Even more important - I'm working at establishing diplomatic relations with Hershey and Tootsie:

I've decided that Hershey is a cat who really knows his way around:

Unfortunately, Boris and Taffy still seem a bit suspicious of me:

Taffy seems to think she's some kind of princess:

And Natasha was downright annoyed when I snuck up on her:

At least we can all agree that treats are GOOD:

Now to check out the upstairs: Nice playroom!

Hmmm . . . I wonder if I could persuade Boris to share one of those baskets?

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Agent Oreo said...

these cats are so cute! i want to take them all home with me, haha.