Day 4 and Counting! (August 2009)

Ally came to live with us on Monday, and already, today is Thursday!

So how are we getting along?

Well, Pat has been giving us all lots of special attention, and more time outdoors than usual. The weather has been great! and out in the yard, everybody has been happy and calm:

Indoors, however, there are still a few issues to be resolved.

Nasha hears something suspicious:

As she feared - the interloper is still here!

Now he's playing with our toys!

Tootsie is NOT amused:

Of all the nerve - Ally has decided to take his afternoon nap in the upstairs study!

Cocoa prepares to defend her favorite chair:

But Ally ignores her show of ferocity. Does NOTHING faze this guy?

Everything stops for afternoon nap time:

Waking up from our afternoon naps (remember - CLICK the image to enlarge it):

Stay tuned for more developments in this fast-breaking story . . . .

UPDATE: Alas, after ten weeks with us, it became necessary for Ally to move on. The problem: although he loves people, Ally was aggressive with the other cats. Fortunately we were able to find Ally a new home with humans who love him every bit as much as we do! Soon we will be posting more pictures of Ally, who has changed his name to Charley.

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