Our Diary. By Dandy and Dolly (October, 2010)

Day 31 of our lives: Today Pat carried us from our room to another room, where we met Schooner. Pat told us that according to the vet, Schooner won`t be with us much longer - a few weeks at most. We don't know where he is going or whether we are supposed to be sad at this news, but we were happy to be able to spend some quality time with such an elderly and obviously very wise cat:

 Schooner's tail is SO long and fluffy:


Day 36:  Our Mom likes us to stay close to her, and we do love to be with her, but she spends most of her time under the bed in the study, whereas we want to get out and around a bit. SO we have taken over this soft, cushioned basket that we found on the floor just a few inches away from the bed: 

P.S. Pat wants us to say that we already eat "real" food and we use our own litter box (as opposed to our Mom's box, which is too big for us to climb into).