Question of the Day (July 2007)

QUESTION: What are your favorite things to do outdoors on a hot summer afternoon?


"Relax inside my castle" - (Empress) Farah:

"Walk across lawn furniture that's the same color I am" - Cocoa:

"Relax with Hershey" - Summer:

"Wrestle with Hershey" - Summer:

"Follow Summer wherever he goes" - Taffy:

"Out-stare Cocoa" - Taffy and Summer:

"Stroll under the trees" - Cocoa, Hershey:

"Play it cool while pretending to be a tough guy" - Hershey:

"Pose for my official portrait" - (Empress) Farah:

"Take time to smell the trees" - Cocoa:

"Meditate on the problems of the world" - Tootsie:

"Perch gracefully on tree trunks and roots" - Taffy:

"Run out very quickly from underneath the deck" - Cocoa, Hershey:

"Play King of the Jungle by climbing very high up in a shady tree" - Hershey:

"Climb higher up the tree than Hershey can" - Cocoa:

"Referee the climbing competition between Cocoa and Hershey" - (Empress) Farah:

"Wrestle with Hershey, who thinks he's a tough guy" - Taffy:

"Try to make Taffy behave herself" - Summer:

more to come!