Our Recreation Area - EXPANDED and IMPROVED! (July 2009)

The Cat Recreation Area has been expanded, by the addition of many new walkways, along the sides and over-(human-)head!

- Photo courtesy Anna Baldacchino

On a hot summer evening, there's just no place better!

I did NOT invite Simon, in fact, I thought YOU invited him!:

- Photo courtesy Anna Baldacchino

- Photo courtesy Anna Baldacchino

July 2009 Celebrations!

Some humans we know (the Canadians) celebrate July 1. Some (the Americans) celebrate July 4.

But we cats celebrate July 13, for a VERY important reason:

Wednesday, July 13, 2006, was the day Pat first volunteered at the Prince Edward Island Humane Society!

But that's not all. On that very first day, Pat met:

Summer Cat - who had already been resident at the Humane Society for a few weeks. Pat thought he was SO beautiful and SO sweet that he was certain to be adopted soon - especially when he was named Pet of the Week!

Farah - who was eight years old at the time, and had been dropped off at the Humane Society that very morning. Pat was worried about Farah, because Farah was SO frightened, her beautiful eyes were absolutely enormous, and she wouldn't let anyone comfort her.

Hershey, Cocoa, Taffy and Tootsie - who, along with their mother and their brother Smartie, were brought to the Humane Society, just a few minutes after Pat arrived, by a Good Samaritan who had found them dumped on his front yard. The kittens were too tiny to be at the Humane Society, so Pat offered to foster them.

And then - on Monday, July 18, 2006 - the nice people at the Humane Society decided that Farah should also be fostered, until she had time to calm down. So Pat brought her home, too!

We were all supposed to be temporary residents. But as it turned out:

Pat and Henry decided right away that Farah couldn't live with anyone else but them!

As for Summer Cat: the weeks went by, and to Pat's amazement, no one adopted him! Pat was sad to see Summer becoming more and more depressed. SO she brought him home to us, on August 21, 2006.

Soon after that, Smartie and Mom Cat went off to live permanently in other homes. But by then, Hershey, Taffy, Tootsie and Cocoa had decided that they weren't going anywhere!

Here's what we looked like back then:

Hershey was always a Bossy-Boots to the rest of us kittens:

But Summer Cat was his hero:

Which brings us to NOW:

This summer, as part of our celebrations, the Cat Recreation Area (Pen) has been expanded and improved! We'll be posting those pictures soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures of us celebrating in the yard:

Sure, we have lots of toys in our Recreation Area. But it's always fun to go to the yard directly behind us and play with the toys there:

Farah and Schooner enjoy the bushes in the front yard:

Although Schooner only came to live with us last November, he fits right in, and we are SO glad he's here:

Unfortunately, we can't say the same about Simon the Siamese, who lives two houses down the street from us. He's not a bad guy - except for the fact that, even though he lives in a beautiful house with a cute little dog and two humans who love him, he seems to want to move in with us:

Pat used to tell us that Simon was SO beautiful! But she stopped saying that when she realized we didn't like to hear it.

Simon wasn't exactly invited to our ongoing celebrations. But (sigh) he insisted on attending anyway:

As for the Blackberries (Natasha and Boris - who now look so much alike we can't tell them apart without a good sniff) - it's always a party when those two are around:

(Remember - CLICK the picture to enlarge it:)

This is NOT the master bedroom, it's our PLAYROOM!

All in all, it's been an exhausting month: