The pleasure of her company: Tootsie, 2006 - 2015

Rudyard Kipling wrote of "the Cat who walks alone."

Nothing could be more untrue of our Tootsie, who along with her mother and four siblings, first came to live with Pat and Henry as a foster kitten.

Tootsie was a devoted lap-cap, who demanded at least an hour of cuddling every evening on Pat's lap.

But unlike many cats who love people, Tootsie had strong relationships with every other member of the clowder, as these pictures show:



Here are a few more pictures, of "Tootsie all Alone":


The last pictures of Tootsie, September - October, 2015:


meowmeowmans said...

We're sorry to hear of Tootsie's passing. Sending you all purrs and prayers of comfort and healing as you miss your special ladycat.

Pat said...

Thank you, meowmeowmans. We are devastated at the loss of our darling girl.

Everycat said...

We are sorry to learn of sweet Tootsie's passing. What a beautiful, sweet hearted cat she was, and what a wonderful life she had with you.

May happy, memories fill your hearts soon

Love & purrs
& Jane The Ape xx

Pat said...

Dear Mungo, Jet, and Jane the Ape, Thank you so much for your comments. We try to remember that our loving Tootsie had a happy life, although far too short.