Valentine`s Day 2014

On Valentine`s Day, here are some of the things we like to do best:

Perch on top of the snow-mountain that has been growing for months on our back deck (Summer)

Hurry through the cat-door into our pen (Tootsie, Cocoa)

Continue the work of demolishing the posts that hold up our pen, so that someday, we can escape to freedom! (Dandy, with Hershey in background)

Chill Out in the pen (Hershey and Dandy)

Obediently follow my mother back into the house when she decides I`ve had enough Chilling (Dandy, with Tessa in the lead)

Once inside, cuddle together on top of one of our towers (Tessa, Dandy)

Relax inside a barrel while those other cats are outdoors getting cold and wet (Farah)

Curl up with my loving Toot-Toot-Tootsie (Summer) ...

before heading upstairs to relax on the landing.

Pose fetchingly in front of one of our brightly colored plastic tunnels, while entwining my tail in the banisters (Taffy)

Stretch out on the new hardwood floors, which feel really good against our fur! (Hershey, Cocoa)

Devise new ways to play with our plastic tunnels (Natasha)

Overturn an entire basket of toys (Boris)

Settle down for a nap in the basket that Boris thoughtfully overturned for me (Hershey) ...

while Boris makes do on the carpet.

Scowl at the camera so Pat will know she is disturbing my nap (Dolly), in contrast to Tootsie, who can apparently sleep through anything.

Watch Taffy posing for the camera, while I hide behind her favourite chair (Tessa, with Taffy in foreground).

Summon the courage to emerge from hiding and find my own place in the sun -- on top of the upstairs tower! (Tessa)

BUT . . . what we love MOST of ALL . . . is to be snug at home with our humans!

So, Happy Valentine`s Day, Pat and Henry! (But please don`t go out to dinner!)


meowmeowmans said...

We like being snug with our humans best, too, gang. But it *does* look pretty fun in that catio, too. :)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Anonymous said...

Good to see the Valentine update.
So, did you get out for a special time

Everycat said...

What an great time you have all been having. I love your outdoor catio. I wish I had one.

Today, the Cat Blogosphere reminded us that on March 1st it is Angel Schooner's birthday. My Ape remembers him, he was such a lovely fella. A real gem.


Vanessa Morgan said...

Here to remember little Schooner...

Pat said...

Dear Everycat, and Dear Vanessa: Thank you for remembering our darling Schooner. We still miss him every day.