Our Diary, continued (October 16, 2010)

Today, we are 48 days old, and Pat asked us to pose for some official photographs:

Well, we soon got tired of sitting still. Because, Toys-R-Us!

Just this week, Dolly learned to play with this funny-looking toy:


Dandy discovered the joy of boxes . . .

and of product endorsement!

Other news: our Mom is no longer hiding under the bed! We take credit for getting her out from under there, because once we started running all around upstairs, she had to come out to chase us - and, well, one thing led to another:

We were surprised but pleased when our buddy Schooner came to visit us, and then stayed on for lunch with Mom:

Now we need to introduce Mom to all the other cats who live here!


meowmeowmans said...

Cuteness overload!!! I'm about to faint from swooning so much. They are adorable. :)

glenda said...

These kittens are beautiful. I think I better stay far, far far away from your home!!! I have enough cats!! Gorgeous kittens and so fortunate to have you assisting them with a good start in life!!! I agree with someone else I feel sort of faint as well!!