A Typical Morning (March, 2010)

According to Natasha, the first business of the day is, obviously, to DEMAND BREAKFAST!

"I'm not getting off this island until I've been served":

Cocoa is more intent on hurrying upstairs to get her fair turn at the best play spots and toys:

Too bad . . . Hershey, that Bossy-Boots, is already guarding the toys on the upstairs landing:

Meanwhile . . .

Summer is disgusted to find that his arch-enemy Farah is already safely shut up in the master bedroom, playing with the toys there:

Although Summer chases Farah every time he gets the chance, he plays innocent when Schooner comes along to ask, "What's up - why can't we go in there?"

"Dunno, Schoon. Must be some kind of mistake."

Farah eavesdrops on their conversation. She has no outstanding issues with Schooner, but she's glad the door is safely shut against Summer.

Summer decides that if Farah won't come out to fight, he might as well get on with his routine. As Head Cat, he is obliged to patrol the yard at least three times a day. So, he sets out for the first inspection:

Now that Summer has left the building, Farah can take up her favorite position, on the bags in the upstairs hallway:

Boris and Natasha have finished breakfast and have come upstairs to await the opening of the study window:

From the roof, they can sometimes catch a glimpse of Summer making his rounds:

Natasha demands to come back inside:  "Why can't this window be left OPEN??"

Boris comes in also and prepares for nap-time:

Taffy thinks about joining Boris on the kitchen towers . . .

But decides instead to go to her favorite basket:

Schooner settles down next to Farah . . .

And for an hour or two, the house will be quiet.


Milo and Alfie Marshall said...

Oh how adorable! Wot a wonderful morning routine! Smoochies.

Everycat said...

WHat a great post, these cats have the most interesting of lives and you capture them all so beautifully

Whicky Wuudler