At Last, Summer (June 2007)

Good news: Farah and the Jets are now friends! Farah with Cocoa and Hershey:

Hershey does enjoy a good scratch:


Tootsie, Hershey, and Cocoa:

Cocoa and Taffy, always the best of friends:

We call her "Daffy Taffy":

Taffy in the Tulips:

Cocoa and Taffy still love their furniture - but they've grown so much larger in the past year that we've had to buy them a second, matching piece. Compare this picture to "New Furniture! (September 2006)" at

Even a tough guy like Hershey gets worn out after a long day of playing in the yard:

And finally, Summer Cat in person. What a plume!

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Sheila said...

These are the cutest photos!! Hershey stands out with the most impish "puss"!!!!