Return of the Foster Kittens! (September 2006)

After Mitzi (mother), Hershey, Smartie, and Tootsie returned to the Humane Society, they all came down with colds. We agreed to foster them again until they recovered. The kittens were so glad to be back with their siblings and with their doting foster brother, Summer.

TOOTSIE now looks so much like her mother. Here she is, peeking out from the deck:

HERSHEY was also eager to visit the deck - and hunt a few leaves. He has grown!

SMARTIE prefers to lounge inside on the sofa:

TAFFY doesn't know what to think. Where have they been? Why did they come back?

But for SUMMER, it's business as usual. No matter how many kittens live in the house, he will guard and protect them.

While they were at the Humane Society, photographer Sue Shipley took these pictures of Smartie, Tootsie, and Hershey. Can you tell them apart?

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