Blackberries Go Hunting (November 2009)

It was a quiet November day in Charlottetown. Boris was attacking the Flame Bush in the backyard:

Cocoa was relaxing underneath the deck:

Suddenly, Boris notices the arrival of his mother, Nasha-Tasha, who seems to be carrying something in her mouth:

Inside the pen, Farah also senses that something out of the ordinary is happening:

And she's not the only cat wondering, "What does Nasha have there?"

Boris moves in for a closer look:

Nasha seems willing to share with Boris. But Cocoa approaches more tentatively:

And then, somehow, the prey manages to dart into a pile of leaves!


Cocoa joins in the search:

But the Varmint is nowhere to be found:

Boris is sorry to give up on the search. But, he might as well get back to his Flame Bush, while Nasha goes off in search of new prey:

Maybe the Varmint is still here, somewhere?

That's all, folks!