Blackberries Go Hunting (November 2009)

It was a quiet November day in Charlottetown. Boris was attacking the Flame Bush in the backyard:

Cocoa was relaxing underneath the deck:

Suddenly, Boris notices the arrival of his mother, Nasha-Tasha, who seems to be carrying something in her mouth:

Inside the pen, Farah also senses that something out of the ordinary is happening:

And she's not the only cat wondering, "What does Nasha have there?"

Boris moves in for a closer look:

Nasha seems willing to share with Boris. But Cocoa approaches more tentatively:

And then, somehow, the prey manages to dart into a pile of leaves!


Cocoa joins in the search:

But the Varmint is nowhere to be found:

Boris is sorry to give up on the search. But, he might as well get back to his Flame Bush, while Nasha goes off in search of new prey:

Maybe the Varmint is still here, somewhere?

That's all, folks!

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Everycat said...

Well hello to you all! What a wonderful cat family you are. I wish we'd found you sooner as I'd have used your blog as an example to my apes to show them just HOW they should be attending to us! You have a wonderful outdoor play run, fabulous cat towers and condos, tents, total comfort and humans who obviously love you all very much. These are such lovely photos of your adventures!

Whicky Wuudler